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Advance, MO

The City of Advance has a wonderful history that surrounds the construction of the railroad in the northern portion of Stoddard County. Advance and progress have

Bell City, MO

Bell City is a small farming community in northern Stoddard County. It was founded about 110 years ago as a sawmill town. Bell City has 448

Bernie, MO

Bernie was established in 1892 with logging its primary industry. At one time, three sawmills were located in the swamps and woods east of town. Today,

Bloomfield, MO

Located on the beautiful Crowley’s Ridge in the heart of Southeast Missouri, the City of Bloomfield lives up to its name. The more than 1900 residents

Dexter, MO

Dexter is geographically centered from four major cities, namely, St. Louis, Missouri; Little Rock, Arkansas; and Nashville and Memphis, Tennessee. Based on the 1990 census, Dexter’s

Dudley, MO

The City of Dudley is a small, rural town located just off US Highway 60 west of Dexter. The town has a mayor and city council